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Highways Truck And Car Services Ltd - Home Highways Truck And Car Services Ltd - Home Highways Truck And Car Services Ltd - Home Highways Truck And Car Services Ltd - Home Highways Truck And Car Services Ltd - Home
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  • Highways Truck And Car Services Ltd - Home Scheduled Servicing

    Scheduled servicing keeps your vehicle in prime condition, for peace of mind and safety. Being pro-active towards servicing eliminates the scenario of a worn part to become a more serious issue, and to remedy the fault as it arises, rather than leave it un-noticed by missing a scheduled service.

  • Highways Truck And Car Services Ltd - Home Preventive Maintenance

    Trade vehicles are the blood line to any successful business, with down time from untimely repairs, it could cost more than if it were maintained on a regular basis. Preventive maintenance checks can be tailored to suit your requirements.
    Fleet Servicing also available with structured price plans.

  • Highways Truck And Car Services Ltd - Home Emission Testing

    With environmental issues with Global Warming and the concerns of the greenhouse effect in today's society, we all have to play apart in lowering
    our carbon foot -print. If not just for us today, but for our future generation to come.

  • Highways Truck And Car Services Ltd - Home Fuel Injection

    Diesel progress, Servicing the local market and greater Manawatu.
    Diesel Progress service & maintain a comprehensive range of engines, from marine, generator, automotive, Commercial and industrial engines from 2 to 2000 KW to turbo chargers and supercharger diesel fuel injection systems.



Contact us today for your next Service, Warrant of Fitness Inspection or requirements. Customer drop off & pick up's are available on request. Prior evening drop off and storage also available.

Sit & enjoy a cup of coffee in our reception room or a short 5 minute walk to town. (Only a 10 minute walk to the CBD.)


Highways Truck And Car Services Ltd - Home

Situated at 69 Cook Street in Palmerston North, Highways Truck & Car Services Ltd is only a 5 minute walk to surrounding retail outlets and 10 minutes from the center of the Central Business District (CBD).
Although an agent for Mercedes Benz, the workshop has full workshop facilities for service, repairs and maintenance of all vehicles from the petrol-driven motor to the diesel engine. The company handles vehicles from Passenger Car & Light Commercials through to four-wheel drives, trucks, buses, heavy commercials and equipment. 

  • Highways Truck & Car Services Ltd. started in business in October 1970.
  • Highways Truck & Car Services Ltd took over the premises previously occupied by West End Trucks at 12-14 McGiffert Street where it is still operating today.
  • In the years that followed Highways Truck & Car Services Ltd employed and trained two apprentices and took on a Journeyman to keep up with the increased workload bringing the staff number to seven.
  • By May of 1972 Highways Truck & Car Services Ltd had become the accredited Mercedes-Benz Truck Agents in the Manawatu, a Dealership they still hold today.
  • In December 1984 the Firm was joined in partnership with Tony Aull who brought into the firm the expertise of servicing Diesel pumps and injectors. The Diesel Shop was established in what had previously been the Lube Bay and has broadened the services offered by the Firm. The staff now stand at nine including two office staff and the Firm has trained three more apprentices in not only Truck and Car repairs and maintenance but also in Diesel Servicing and will continue to offer its services to Palmerston North and the Manawatu area.
  • A few years later, Highways Truck & Car Services Ltd. was also given the Passenger car dealership for Mercedes Benz and became the only Dealership in New Zealand to hold both divisions.

Highways Truck And Car Services Ltd - Home Highways Truck And Car Services Ltd - Home Highways Truck And Car Services Ltd - Home Highways Truck And Car Services Ltd - Home Highways Truck And Car Services Ltd - Home
Highways Truck And Car Services Ltd - Car Division Minimise the risk of battery failure.

Did you know if your vehicle is driven infrequently or on short journeys, your vehicle's battery can become drained or flat?
Driving your vehicle on regular, long journeys on clear roads will help to restore your battery power levels.

Prolonged use of lights, heated screens, fan heaters and wipers during the winter months will take a heavy toll on your battery. Other factors which may affect the life of your battery are air-conditioning, hands-free telephones, security and music systems. Not all batteries are the same.

Vehicles perform best with a battery that has been designed for the vehicle model, with the correct output specification and the correct size. Flat batteries are by far the biggest reason for breakdown assistance being required.

Highways Truck And Car Services Ltd - Car Division Stay fresh as a daisy.

Bacterial growth in your air-conditioning can cause bad smells and poor air quality.

Air-conditioning should be left switched on all year round to reduce the chances of unpleasant odours and to maintain the operating efficiency of the system.

Ineffective air-conditioning in your vehicle can reduce the visibility due to high humidity.

Badly operating air-conditioning increases fuel consumption.

In order to protect you and your vehicle, air-conditioning should be serviced every two to four years dependant on kilometres travelled.

Highways Truck And Car Services Ltd - Car Division Don't take the gamble.

Worn brake components may adversely affect the performance of your vehicle's braking system. Brake fluid absorbs air moisture over time resulting in inefficient braking and could eventually result in brake failure.

A braking system comprises of many components: discs, pads, booster, hoses, brake fluid and shock absorbers. All of these elements directly affect the braking system and require maintenance.
A brake check includes:

  • Checking of brake pad thickness, front and rear
  • Checking of brake disc thickness, front and rear
  • Brake fluid quality and level check
  • Brake components are checked for signs of leakage
  • ABS function check (if applicable)
  • Park brake function check
  • Vehicle suspension check
Highways Truck And Car Services Ltd - Car Division Is your vehicle fully juiced?

Poor quality engine oil increases fuel consumption.

The correct level of antifreeze not only prevents coolant fluid freezing, it also helps prevent overheating and internal engine corrosion.

Running the engine at an oil level which has dropped too low can cause serious damage to your engine.

The following levels will be inspected and topped up where required:

  • Engine oil level
  • Transmission oil level
  • Differential oil level
  • Brake fluid level
  • Coolant level and glycol check
  • Power steering fluid level
  • Suspension fluid level (if applicable)