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Scheduled maintenance is important to all aspects of your motor vehicle for a number of important reasons such as safety, economy, legal requirements.

Safety Tyres, suspension, brakes, safety restraints, lights & wipers, exhaust, all of these are items contribute to the way the vehicle will handle in all conditions.

Tyres are important for traction when applying the brakes as well as holding to the road weather driving straight or monuvering a corner safely.

Suspension shock absorbers and control arm bushes, radius rod to sway bar bushes effect the characteristics for driving in control and braking more effectively.

Brakes play a very important part in driving safely and are constantly been used in everyday driving , therefore the brake system should be checked at every service. Brake pads and brake discs wear, brake fluid breaks down from high working temperatures over long periods so must be replaced on an average of every 3 years. Moisture sets into the brake fluid and from this moisture the brake calipers cylinders or wheel cylinders can start to corrode internally, causing fluid leaks and leads to poor braking or even seize the piston therefore not to operate.

Safety Belts are often neglected and can be found with the buckle jamming or the belt webbing frayed. It is an upmost importance to replace the worn belts for the safety of your passengers and yourself.

Lights & Wiper systems appointed a Bosch Service Dealer, we can supply any lighting requirement that maybe needed as well as wiper blades for most make and models of passenger car, 4WD, light commercial to commercial vehicles.


Timing Belt replacement
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Timing belts:

Replacing the timing belt alone will exert greater load forces on older idler pulley bearings and belt tensioners, not to mention the replacement belt. Therefore it is a benefit to the customer to have these pulley bearings replaced if any sign or detection of fatigue are found during the timing belt replacement repair.

This will also ensure that the original state for belts and pulleys are within the vehicle manufacturer's parameters.

One of the causes for timing belt failure is oil contamination from a leaky front cover oil seal. Hence replacing the front cover seals at the same time when the timing belt is done, as removal and access to the timing belt and pulleys is and can be labour intensive, so by replacing those parts now instead of when they do fail it is double re-work to access those parts again.

Highways Truck And Car Services Ltd - Car Division
Highways Truck And Car Services Ltd - Car Division
Highways Truck And Car Services Ltd - Car Division For Safety's sake Did you know?

Over time, as your vehicle is driven on imperfect roads your wheels can go out of alignment. Kerbs and potholes may push your alignment out even further and at a more frequent rate.

Benefits of a Wheel Alignment.

A wheel alignment measures and adjusts your vehicle’s alignment settings to ensure all your wheels are pointing in the same direction, and are in accordance with specifications. This results in minimal friction and provides the following benefits:

  • Increased tyre longevity
  • Heightened driving experience
  • Improved handling and safety

A Wheel Alignment includes:
  • Inspection of the condition of the underbody and suspension components
  • Inspection of the condition of steering components
  • Vehicle ride height check
  • Vehicle height adjustment (ABC and Airmatic vehicles only)
  • 4 wheel alignment including vehicle caster, camber and toe-in check
  • Inspection of the condition of tyres and rims
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Brake fluid is as vital a part of your vehicle’s safety as any of the other parts in your vehicle’s braking system.

Over time, brake fluid absorbs moisture which lowers its boiling point. With a lower boiling point, inefficiencies will creep into your braking system, which will reduce performance and may eventually cause your brakes to fail.

We Recommend that the brake fluid in your vehicle be renewed at least every TWO Years.

What is performed during a brake fluid check*?
  • Brake fluid levels are checked
  • Brake components are checked for signs of leakage
  • Braking system is tested
Highways Truck And Car Services Ltd - Car Division what is a safe tyre?

Take care and get your tyres checked today.

  • As only a small proportion of each tyre makes contact with the road, it is essential that your tyres are regularly maintained to enhance your safety
  • The pressure and condition of your tyres should be regularly checked to improve control during emergency braking. This also reduces the risk of losing control of your vehicle and improves road holding.
  • To reduce the risk of aquaplaning and to maintain control, your tyres should be changed before the tread depth is worn to 1.6mm.
  • To assist in preventing premature wear of your tyres and to protect your vehicle’s suspension, steering system and bearings, ensure you balance your front and rear tyres regularly.
  • It is important that the pressure in your tyres is correct as low pressure increases the risk of tyre damage, whilst excess pressure can reduce the life of your tyre by up to 10,000kms.
  • To maximize tyre life, maintain correct tyre pressure and an airtight seal, and have your valves and vale caps checked and replaced if necessary.
  • It is essential that your wheels are correctly aligned to ensure your safety, to save fuel and to avoid irregular tyre wear.
Highways Truck And Car Services Ltd - Car Division Visual health check Did you know?

Badly maintained vehicles can result in increased fuel consumption.
Normal wear and tear can render a vehicle dangerous and illegal. As a result you could be subject to fines or even worse, you could be involved in an accident.

Don’t just wait until your next service, stay ahead of the game. We offer a comprehensive check on your vehicle to help you catch any problems before they catch you.

Our health check* on your vehicle includes:
  • Diagnostic print out (if applicable)
  • Fluid levels check
  • Check for outstanding service measures (if applicable)
  • Check underside of vehicle for damage and leaks
  • Check steering and suspension
  • Check brake pads and brake discs for wear characteristics and performance concerns
  • Check tyres for wear, damage and correct tyre pressure
  • Check operation of lights and electrics